Lee County Schools personalizes learning using Google solutions


The state of Florida is at the cutting edge of digital learning, and recent state mandates encourage schools to shift from paper-based to digital education. The School District of Lee County needed to provide students with technology that enables them to access digital textbooks, complete their assignments digitally and conduct online research. They also wanted to provide teachers with tools to use videos, interactive activities and shared documents in their lesson plans while staying within the same budget.

"G Suite for Education changes how teachers teach because they can quickly identify when students are struggling and customize content accordingly."

Dwayne Alton, Director of IT support, The School District of Lee County


The School District of Lee County piloted G Suite for Education and introduced 2,000 Chromebooks one year ago. Today, the entire district uses G Suite and Google Classroom, and the middle schools rolled out 18,000 Chromebooks. Teachers who previously used G Suite served as mentors for others, sharing best practices they learned during the pilot. The district introduced these three technologies without additional budget or technical support.

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